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Daily Boost (formerly Pure Aussie Ocean Derived Sea Minerals)

Pure Aussie Sea Minerals supplement is a natural source of both macro and trace minerals. Sea Minerals provide a balance of trace minerals along with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. A great electrolyte drink.
Size:250 mL / 8 fl.Oz
Cost: $18

Ultra Boost (formerly Supa Boost)

This is a finely balanced blend of Sea Minerals and herbs including Coleus Amboinicus, Papaya fruit extract, Sheep Sorrell, Triticum extract, Tropaeolum, Stevia and Stinging nettle These Herbs are known to help detoxify the body, will help your internal organs to function better, and at the same time can help to boost your immune system.
Size: Contains 250 mL / 8 fl.Oz
Cost: $38


A very unique blend of Sea Minerals with Hawthorn herb, Papaya leaf stem and fruit extracts promoting good circulation, plus healthy heart and brain function.
Size: Contains 250 mL / 8 fl.Oz
Cost: $38

Stinging Nettle

This is a combination of minerals blended with Urtica Urens (Stinging Nettle) and Stevia herb. The combination of the minerals and herbs will help cleanse your lymphatic system and blood, tone the uterus and help regulate pancreatic function. An excellent all round tonic for adults, especially women.
Size: Contains 250 mL / 8 fl.Oz
Cost: $38