Gerry Amena


Gerry Amena lived from 1926 – 2010. He was an inspirational man who worked tirelessly on his health farm in Gunalda, Queensland, Australia, right up until just before he passed at the age of 84. Gerry was man with an empathy for helping others and a passion for good health, he was a staunch vegetarian, and he strongly believed that we where no longer getting the minerals that we need from our food and thus needed to turn to the ocean. As Gerry put it “No minerals no Health.”

Gerry was the Developer and Manufacturer of Amena’s Sea Mineral Supplements, Creams and Organic Herb salt.

About Gerry and Sea Minerals

It was through fate several decades ago that Gerry  found himself far from his native Holland serving in the Dutch armed forces in tropical Indonesia. His interest in nutrition and a yearning to heal ensured that Gerry spent his term in the military in the medical corps, where he took every opportunity to study the immune response to disease, and quickly learnt that the most assured response to disease was to fortify the immune system prior to disease setting in.

It was shortly after his military service that Gerry immigrated to Australia and decided to take his love of nutrition to new heights by becoming a farmer. After decades, mostly spent as an organic farmer, where he constantly observed the ravages of the sun and low yields due to the nutrient-poor land which is a common problem in Australia, Gerry came to the realisation that he must find a more sustainable and efficient method of getting nutrients into the soil and ultimately the plants that grow in it.

At this point Gerry turned to sea minerals. The improvement in plant quality and yield was amazing, so much so that it caused Gerry to question that if this is what sea minerals does for plants what would it do for him. Curiosity got the better of him and the temptation to experiment was great. Gerry prepared and pressed his first dose of sea minerals against his lips. This was the beginning of the sea mineral story.

GERRY AMENA. “Twenty-two years ago I was crippled with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. My vertebrae had taken a lot of punishment when I was working in the building industry, using cement. In those days there was no Redi-Mix available to the public. The three vertebrae at the bottom of my spine were completely worn — they were grinding along on each other, all the cartilage was gone. They wanted to fuse them together and I didn’t like that idea, and then sea minerals came on the market for agriculture. I bought a 44-gallon drum of it and I started using it on my plants. After three weeks I could see an enormous difference in the plants and then one day I was spraying the tomatoes and imagined them urging me, “Take some, take some!” I get very close contact with my plants, and so I started taking the sea minerals. In three weeks I noticed a difference, after 12 months I went to the doctor again and had another X-ray, and he found all that cartilage between my vertebrae that had been worn away, is now all restored.”

The pursuit of excellence compelled Gerry to further develop the product, always keeping in mind that in order for the sea minerals to retain their unique natural balance in a highly concentrated form, that they must be concentrated naturally, and within a natural setting. The end result of Gerry’s work is that through a number of proprietary and yet natural concentration processes, pure ocean water is converted to highly concentrated anti-microbial solution, where a gallon of sea minerals has 100 gallons of the goodness of the ocean, and at between 1% and 2% of Sodium Chloride only, a fraction of the salt content.

You see, from the very moment of our inception, electrolytes or minerals, both macro and trace, influence every aspect of our lives. Minerals have many roles, and each one is as important and influential as the next, and they work together with one common goal “Supporting All Your Biological Functions”2 Minerals enable your cells through electrical impulses to communicate with one another, thereby assisting you with every function, whether it be simple movement, or immune response to injury or disease. You could say that they keep us wired.

Minerals help regulate the fluid within our body, and help regulate blood pH. They assist in directing the two-way traffic of getting oxygen into the cells while at the same time aiding in the export of carbon dioxide.

Minerals also help regulate nerve impulses and muscle reflexes. Minerals are essential in the building of teeth, the skeletal system and soft tissue, and are known as the building blocks of cells.

Minerals are absolutely essential in human development from foetal stage right through to maturity. Minerals, both Macro and Trace, are essential in maintaining our immune systems, offering vital support from the very beginning of life right through to senior years, helping us to mature gracefully rather than aging rapidly.

If one had to seek out a universal catalyst to life they needn’t look any further than minerals, as every known life form requires them. A good example of just how influential minerals are is that Magnesium, just one of the essential elements, is required for every life form known to man. Without minerals your brain, heart and other organs would cease to function.

Traditionally we obtained minerals and trace elements from the food and fluids we consumed. This traditional source of essential minerals is no longer a satisfactory source. The standard for agriculture has rapidly shifted from sustainable chemical free organic farming to one where chemical fertilisers, neurotoxic herbicides and pesticides have replaced safe and nourishing organic farming methods that have sustained mankind for thousands of years.

This has resulted in the standard that has been practised for thousands of years being overtaken by one that has been practised only for a few decades. Today the food we consume has only on average 25% of the mineral value of the food that our forefathers consumed whilst establishing our great democratic economies.

This situation has in a very large way contributed to a sluggish and sickly society that is increasingly more depressed, less productive, more overstressed and overmedicated, and as we get more obese and sickly, we are drawn more than ever before, to a seemingly simple solution to this problem, taking more medications. It is now the norm for many people to take several medications for several different conditions.

Many medications have side effects which limit and cause the body to lose essential minerals and trace elements. Mineral and trace elements that the body needs to enable communication on a cellular level, for fluid regulation, blood pH, and organ function, and it also needs these essential minerals as they are a catalyst for other nutrients that are just as essential and are an integral part of the immune system.

Other ways of losing minerals is during periods of physical exertion such as exercise and training. This occurs when we sweat as a result of work or play.We can lose minerals during periods of illness, for example; large volumes of minerals can be lost as a result of fever. Caffeine is a well known diuretic and, as such, one can expect to lose minerals when they consume coffee or black tea. Alcohol consumption is by far the biggest culprit that causes the body to lose minerals at an unsustainable rate.

It is quite amazing that any responsible medical researcher can even contemplate making health claims that a glass of red wine or a glass of beer can be of any benefit. It is quite amusing when on one day research finds a benefit in moderate alcohol consumption only to be rebuffed the following day by another researcher. The simple fact is, that any beneficial properties in a glass of wine are counteracted many times over by the harm that it does.

It is a constant source of amazement that alcohol has not yet reached the same pariah and antisocial status as that of nicotine use.

If our food alone is no longer a sustainable source of essential elements, then the question has to be asked; what other natural sources of dietary minerals are there? What is the answer?

The search for a suitable dietary mineral source led us directly to the oceans. The sheer range of elements found in ocean water is the reason that our oceans are teeming with millions of different life forms. The uncanny similarity of ocean water and the fluids within our own bodies further supports ocean water as being a highly suitable and natural source of dietary minerals, both macro and trace. It will be of interest to you to learn that ocean water and our own blood plasma has an almost identical concentration and range of elements.