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Hi my name is John Williams and I am an independent distributor of Amenas Sea Minerals Products.

For over 10 years I was personally trained by the founder and developer of Amenas Sea Mineral Products’ Gerry Amena to continue the legacy of educating people on how to best utilize Sea Minerals Products to improve your health. I made a promise to continue Gerry’s good work, by helping people use his products to get the best possible results.

So if you need a more in-depth understanding or have any questions at all on how these can help you please give John a call on 0405 313 058.

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Amenas Sea Mineral

Are you aware that most of the food you eat no longer contains the vital minerals you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle?

People all over the world are turning to Amenas Sea Minerals to provide them with this basic need.

The advent of modern agriculture and food processing has led to a severe decline in the levels of vital minerals in our food, causing a deficiency of minerals in our body fluids. Even organic food is not exempt from this, as our topsoil is almost barren of minerals. For this reason its now time to turn to the Ocean Derived Sea Minerals. The incredible balance of elements in Sea Minerals is governed by nature and is perfect, and as such, supports life. So for complete nourishment one needs now to find the minerals the body needs. All natural and preservative free, Ocean Derived Sea Minerals provide the missing link to perfect health.

Ocean water is the richest life sustainable and life enhancing source of ionic – water soluble – minerals, both macro and trace. Ocean derived sea minerals contain a full range of 108 minerals.

The sea minerals are naturally reduced by sunlight to 1% of the original solutions weight with most of the salt taken out, which results in water soluble electrolytes that can be easily absorbed into the body.

As Gerry Amena, the inventor and producer of Pure Aussie Sea Minerals puts it ;

“No Minerals – No Health”.

These Sea Mineral products also come  blended with a range of herbal supplements and creams for further information on these products see pages 2&3 of this website.

 Ocean Derived Sea Minerals has been accepted by the Australian TGA as a nutritional food supplement.

Pure Aussie Sea Minerals are 98% similar to blood plasma. Blood plasma has one extra molecule of iron and the sea mineral solution has one extra molecule of magnesium.

The Herbal supplements are 100% organic, the herbs are placed in the minerals within ten minutes of being cut and are naturally preserved in the Sea Minerals. The freshness of the herbs is the key to the products effectiveness.